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Are you an emerging entrepreneur, learning or early start-up leader, or team manager? Do you struggle to execute on your vision and initiatives or instill confidence and trust in your team? Is it hard to identify your priorities, act on them, and feel effective?


With my expertise and experience in business, nonprofit, and personal growth I provide practical and creative approaches to help you reach your benchmarks. I foster an environment of safety, growth, and transformation, while helping you become more effective in all aspects of your life.


From frazzled to flowing, impasse to impact, experience The Fountain Effect and enjoy winning at life and business.


  • Smart Strategies - Planning

  • Focused Facilitation- Implementation

  • Active Assistance -  Execution


  • Meeting Facilitation

  • Transition Planning - what, when, why

  • Change Management - who, how, when

Don't worry. It's just an email.

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