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Coaching vs.Consulting

Coaching emphasizes self-discovery, empowerment, and long-term development, with the coach serving as a facilitator and guide. Consulting, on the other hand, focuses on providing expert advice, solutions, and results-driven outcomes, with the consultant taking a more directive and solution-focused approach. Both coaching and consulting have their unique strengths and are valuable in different contexts depending on the client's needs and objectives. With The Fountain Effect you can choose the model that works best for your circumstances. Typically, individual work will be based more on evoking client awareness and the best path forward, while the consulting model often works best for teams, facilitation, and transition management. 



One to One

Individual Investor

Hourly - minimum 3 sessions

Three months - 9 sessions


Emerging Entrepreneur

Six months - 18 sessions

Twelve months - 36 sessions


Learning Leader 

Six months - 18 sessions

Twelve months - 36 sessions


 Your Business Roadmap

Ten categories of inquiry for current state, future desired state, strengths, and gaps.


(implementation assistance for an additional fee. 6 or 12 month agreement.)

Video Consultation


Teams and Meetings

An outside facilitator for team meetings can significantly enhance productivity, engagement, and outcomes.  

  • Neutral Facilitation

  • Guided Decision-making

  • Action Items

  • Continuity


Speaking and Workshops

Signature Program

Effectiveness = 10XP: A Guide to Personal and Professional Success

This program can be modified for one hour lunch talks or a half-day presentation/workshop.


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Web image fountain600.png

JH, Student, mom of two under 4, formerly homeless


KK, Entrepreneur, Performing Artist, Coach

Web image fountain600.png

JB, Boy dad x 3, Restaurant Industry


OC, Entrepreneur Clothing Design


SH, Radio Personality, Marketing Professional

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