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Why, oh why?

Why do we get "stuck", frozen in procrastination? Does it matter why? It's happening and it's affecting our lives, relationships, work and self-esteem. We face self-recrimination and unhelpful suggestions - "stay focused", "just manage your time better". Of course, it does matter, a little bit - different root causes sometime need to be approached with a different perspective. 

Insider Secrets

Time cannot be managed. We can sometimes manage tasks and ourselves, but we cannot manage time. And, ugh, "productive" has become a term used to measure our value when it's really just a way to measure money. 

Dopamine rewards are real. More on that on the Nerdy Brain Stuff page.

Inspiration and motivation fade quickly. Without small wins, that is.

There are many reasons behind executive dysfunction. You'd be surprised - more on the Nerdy Brain page.

We are as individual as our DNA. What works for some may not work for you. Apps, supplements, calendars, task management software, string on your pinky, accountability partners, shame, avoidance. The possibilities are endless....

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As a veteran leader assistant, administrative business partner, and effectiveness coach I bring more than twenty years of experience working with entrepreneurs and small business owners with a blend of business acumen, critical thinking, understanding of human behavior and creative solutions. I've worked with people from a variety of backgrounds from CEO to marginalized homeless and previously incarcerated persons.


I excel at helping brilliant individuals with multiple interests and ideas pull them together into a comprehensive focus complete with identifying priorities, establishing process, and embracing procrastination and overcoming perfectionism. I live to see people light up when they've moved through an impasse or overwhelm and experience pride and success.

With a keen ability for problem solving, I bring a comprehensive and organic approach to finding solutions and planning for the unanticipated circumstances.


My manner is direct and thought-provoking, intuitive and flexible. I am goal-oriented, efficient, and sensitive to the unique needs and circumstances of those I work with. 

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